Specific solutions

If standard systems are not sufficient ...

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Construction of special purpose grippers

Innovation and technical know-how for your production requirements

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Cutting systems

For the perfect cut

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Conveyor belt systems

The conveyor belt systems of MB Conveyors perfectly complement our product portfolio.

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Gripper systems

Precise deposit position and efficient process flows

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FEBA AUTOMATION optimizes Gripping Pliers GZ20 with Sensor

Improved sensor sensitivity and modular connectivity

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Innovation made by FEBA AUTOMATION

Gripping finger with a pivoting angle of 120°

Absolutely innovative is the new patented gripping finger of the 20 series. With a pivoting angle of 120 ° it opens new worlds.

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A precondition for a smooth production flow is the optimal functionality of the facilities. With the training of FEBA AUTOMATION the employees in your company are optimally prepared to correctly operate, supervise and maintain your production facilities. For any questions concerning your FEBA AUTOMATION we like to give you advice and practical help.

Laser-sintering technique

Precise and flexible

With the laser-sintering process we perfectly complement our product portfolio in order to solve complex tasks defined by our customers.

Vacuum solutions

Special production processes require specific solutions

System solutions from FEBA AUTOMATION in the field of vacuum automation allow gripping, lifting and height compensation of almost all types of production parts. For many different industries and tasks, the innovative vacuum components are an ideal option. Whether uneven, porous, rough or curved surfaces, different heights or for the handling of bags - for each of these requirements we are able to construct a solution that optimizes your production processes and speeds.